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Hard Voices

I published this very short piece in, a sizzling website that gathers a mouth-watering lineup of sheer talent. From the outrageously good emerging writers to the calm established lot. You should find time and browse through the site. Find time because one click and it will take up your day. I published this there as Cyber Romance, here I chose a more direct title, nothing to hide.

Today’s Eid Mubarak. Happy Sallah to the Muslim Umar.

Having debated for days with her mind and failed to arrive at a resolution, Rita took the matter to Priscilla. The demerit of discussing crucial secrets with her officemate was that, in few days’ time, the secret was no longer secret, or, at best, became a top secret shared among the Inner Circle of Gossips, as she mockingly referred to Priscilla’s clique behind their back. But Priscilla, despite a betraying…

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