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Happy mothers day to my loving mother.
My mother has taught me many things about life
and her positive outlook on life leaves an
impression on everyone she comes in contact
My Mom has had a huge influence on my life and
the person I have become and I say thank God for
her everyday. I feel blessed to be her son as she
encourages me to be a blessing to others. Some
of the many lessons she has taught me include ;
1. Be Excellent in whatever you do -Good is not
good enough. Give your best in whatever you do.
2.Fear God and do His will. – The beginning of
success and fulfilment is the fear of the creator
and the courage to do His will as He has put in
your mind. Seek God first then other things.
3. Be hospitable. – Its good to be in the company
of good people. It brings joy to show hospitality
to others for in doing so, they’ll never forget your
act of hospitality.
4. Speak your mind. – Always speak what’s on
your mind when you are called upon to. It
doesn’t pay to keep grudge as it kills faster than
cancer. Your yeah yeah and nay nay.
5. Be content, Grateful and patient.- What you
have no matter how small is greater than what
someone has. Be grateful and content with what
you have. Better things come to those who wait.
6. Stay humble.- Be nice to the people you meet
on your way up because you don’t know where or
how you’ll meet later in life. No matter what you
achieve, keep your head down.
7. Be optimistic. – No matter how slow,
unbalanced or harsh things are, they could
become better. Hope and work it out with a
positive attitude.
8. Be respectable. – Honour always comes before
glory. Respect those ahead of you. Honour your
uncles, aunts and those elders you meet in your
life’s journey.
9. Be forgiving.- Forgiveness sets the person free.
If you forgive you’ll feel lighter and same goes for
the forgiven.
10. Stay Happy, Always. She’ll say “your situation
in life should not change with your facial
appearance” Dale Carnegie also said ‘happiness
doesn’t depend on any external conditions. It is
governed by our mental attitude’.
#HappyMothersDay to all the mothers out there
who are really mothers that are worth
remembering. We love you all.