The Pathetic Story Of The Over 200 Kidnapped GGSS Chibok Girls Is No News Now. It Is The Hear-say that litters the head lines of various newspapers, journals and has become the main topic of numerous columns and blogs.
The World Over Has Become United In The Fight Against Terrorism Especially One That Has Its Aim In Denying People Of Their Basic Right To Education. The Girls In Captivity Are In a State Of God-Knows-how. As The World Unite In The Fight Against This Sect, Nigerians Must Forget (Pocket, Keep at bay) their differences in order to tackle this sect that is out to make the Northern Part Of Nigeria nondescript and ungovernable. They Must Take To Heart What They Ought To Do For The Government and people as a whole to rid Nigeria Of this man-made disaster. Lend Your Voice this ever growing campaign- #BringBackOurGirls #ReleaseOurGirlsNow