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“Peace” of advice

Dear diary,

I was in a public bus the other day (a one-hour journey), trying not to breath as often as I was normally supposed to. Now you must be wondering why I may have wanted to kill myself. No be so o. (NOTE: no one can commit suicide by holding their own breath).
It was the woman that was sitting beside me-to my left. She had this terrible smell oozing from her direction (thanks to untidiness) and to worsen it all, she was sitting by the window. So with every wind blow I was greeted by an unpleasant slap of her aura. Not just that, she iced the cake by eating boiled egg and roasted groundnut (who does that?).
Anyway, that was not all I was suffering in the bus. On my right was another woman and her overweight son. The boy was about three to…

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