God! What has entered into drivers of Public Officers to the point that they see nothing wrong with over speeding? They push down people on motorcycle and hit pedestrians with reckless abandon and also cause cars to have accidents and nothing bothers them. What a nation. This nation-state I call Nigeria. What is this nation transmogorifying into? Why the degeneration in morals and pity for fellow human beings? To hear that another literary Icon is gone in the form of Festus Iyayi is a tragic loss both to the nation, continent of Africa and by extension the world over. Not only is it pitiable to me in that he died when he is needed most but also the circumstances that led to his death is irksome. His car was rammed by the convoy of the Governor of Kogi State- Idris Wada which led to his eventual death. The deceased Prof. was on his way to attend a meeting with members of the Kano Branch of Asuu. It is a very silly ill which the federal government has overlooked for a long time. This is a wake up call to all concerned. I am urging the federal government that they should impose speed limits on Convoys and also ensure that people who take the lives of others (no matter their status in the society) do not go scotfree. May his soul Rest In Peace. Adieu Festus Iyayi.

He was a Hero who never tolerated Violence.